The Twin Experience


Our excellent workmanship and great products can certainly explain why major manufacturers have chosen Twin Equipment as one of their suppliers of choice. Twin Equipment has various distribution arrangements with Dodge, Ford, and General Motors of Canada.


Twin Equipment has also been selected by General Motors of Canada to provide services under an arrangement called ship-through. This process allows General Motors the ability to order chassis and transport vehicles from the producing plant direct to Twin Equipment who outfits them according to specifications. The chassis is then sent back to the manufacturer for shipment to the General Motors dealer. Companies with large fleets spread out over a vast area can take advantage of the ship-through services to enable quality control, consistency, and cost.

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Bailment Pools

Ford, GM and Dodge have selected Twin Equipment to provide a distribution arrangement called bailment pool. Under this arrangement, Twin Equipment holds a number of unfinished Ford, GM and Dodge trucks waiting to be outfitted with the equipment selected by our customers.
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Drop Ships

Twin Equipment also operates as a drop-ship centre through Ford, GM, and Dodge. According to this process, a dealer orders a chassis directly from the manufacturer. The chassis is then shipped directly to Twin Equipment who outfits it according to specifications

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